About the Company:

The POLPILLAR company exists since 1999. The office along with the whole infrastructure is located in Olesnica, Wroclaw County, Poland. The company specializes in processing of thermoplastics by injection molding. We manufacture the whole range of articles (i.e. molders, caps, technical sealings, as well as some rubber items). We are honored to provide our customers with the refined technical spare parts and components attending to his or her particular need. Exploring innovative solutions made us create our own mold designs so now we are able to supply you with the desired order within a very short time. We have an extended machine park and professional equipment which allows us to cope with any order assuring you reliable and thorough service. Years of experience made us achieve a high quality of our products. We are competent partners not only for our local entrepreneurs in Poland but also for those from abroad. In concern of meeting our customers needs our stuff and management constantly work on improving their skills. We are aware that the only way to cope with the growing needs of extremely dynamic market is a constant development of the company, and what comes with it, a proper and efficient utilization of the its resources.

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